Post-military life can be daunting for many reasons. You may be wondering about your next step. Go straight to work? Get a degree? Maybe take some time off? Only you can make the right choice for yourself. Before you do, you should consider some of the benefits of continuing your education.

Here are five reasons you should further your education now.

  1. You’ve already paid for it by serving.

    As a veteran, you are likely eligible to receive financial aid packages that will pay for most, if not all, your college expenses, including tuition, housing and supplies. While other college students are working part-time jobs to get them through college, you’ve already earned it. All you have to worry about is the learning part.

  2. You can build upon the military experience you already have.

    Furthering your education can also help you expand on your military experience. Your military training and the skills you learned can serve you in a wide variety of careers. The problem solving, critical thinking and teamwork experiences you gained are transferable to virtually any field.

  3. Combining your military experience with a degree will ensure a bright future.

    However, in this day and age, military experience alone simply isn’t enough to secure a dependable job. The unfortunate truth is that while a military background provides great career skills and a sense of discipline, many employers fail to see how it can transfer to their specific job openings. Investing your time and benefits into a degree can really be the deciding factor for your future success.

  4. Getting a degree can help you change your life and start a new chapter.

    Moving back into civilian life is a transition for every veteran. Obtaining a degree provides you with a clear path and a new goal to work towards as you begin the next chapter of your life.

  5. You’ll get the support you need to finish.

    We know that while your military benefits allow you to pursue your education, it’s the camaraderie and support you receive on campus that determine if you finish. Our Vista College Military Admissions Representatives are trained to help meet your unique needs every step of the way.

Vista College understands the challenges of transitioning from active duty to the civilian workforce. If you have completed your service in the armed forces, you may wish to re-train for a different skill or occupation. By enrolling with Vista College you can find the programs that are suitable for you and your ongoing career.

Among the many military benefit we support:

As a veteran you may apply for veterans scholarship or use your GI bill benefits to help you with tuition. The VA GI bill is a benefit that you’ve received for your service in the military. You can use that benefit to help you get a degree, diploma or certificate. Vista College recognizes most of the VA GI bills, including the 9/11 GI Bill®¹. When you call to ask for more information, one of our admissions representatives will help you.

The Veterans Administration manages the VA GI Bill, and there may be a few forms to fill out in order to get you started, but our admission representatives will be able to help you with any paperwork.

Programs range from Business and Healthcare to Technology and even HVAC. Getting an Associate’s Degree, certificate or diploma is a great way to move on in life after a completed tour of duty with the armed forces, and applying for a military scholarship with Vista College can help you reach that goal.



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