Spouses & Dependents

As the spouse or dependent of an active service member, you have sacrificed a lot. You may have had to move away from home to be closer to your service member’s station, or you may have to go long periods of time without seeing them entirely. We know that you fight just as hard at home as your soldier fights while he or she is away.

Our hearts go out to you for supporting our soldiers and serving along with them. It may seem like it will take forever for your loved one to come home, but maybe you could pass the time more quickly by working hard and earning your degree. Your spouse or parent will be proud that you took the time to better yourself and lay the foundation for a better future.

Here are four reasons why you should invest in a Vista College education.

  1. A lot of your college expenses would be paid.For all of the hardships you have to go through, the government instituted a special provision in the Post-9/11 GI Bill®¹ that allows a portion of military benefits to extend to a service member’s immediate family members. As a token of gratitude, a significant amount of your college expenses would be paid.
  2. You can follow your loved one’s example of self-improvement and serving society.Your loved one has committed his or her life to serving this country and contributing to society. Getting your education is a great way to follow their example and do the same for yourself. A degree will make you a well-rounded professional and give you the tools you need to start a career and make a difference in the world.
  3. Getting a degree can help you secure a bright future for yourself.A high school diploma simply isn’t enough education anymore to land you a dependable job. Employers are looking for unique skill sets and achievements that can only be obtained through a college degree. If you’re looking for a rewarding job that can help you launch a career and provide for your family, you’re going to need additional post-secondary education. Investing your time and benefits into a degree can really be the deciding factor for you and your family’s future success.
  4. You’ll get the support you need.We know that living at home while your loved one is away can be a challenge and the emotional effects may strain your ability to focus on school. While your military benefits allow you to pursue your education, it’s the camaraderie and support you receive on campus that determine if you finish. Our Military Admissions Representatives are trained to recognize your unique needs and help you work through the hard times every step of the way.

Vista College’s pledges to provide quality education to both active duty and veterans, but we don't stop there.

Vista College is committed to providing military spouses and dependents with the knowledge and tools to succeed in some of today’s growing career fields.

As a spouse or dependent of an active duty serviceman, you may be stationed away from home. The Vista College - Online Campus allows you to learn wherever your family is stationed.

Vista College also has many campuses throughout Texas, Arkansas and New Mexico.

Vista College also offers spouses and dependents of eligible active duty service members scholarships to those that qualify. Financial Aid is also available to those that qualify.

Among the many military benefit we support:

Contact Vista College Military Representatives for additional information on other scholarships and benefits we offer.



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