Active Duty

Active Duty Guards and Reserves

If you’re looking to start a rewarding career path post-military, then you’re going to need the right education. Why not get that education now so that when you put away your uniform, you can hit the ground running? It’s essential to plan for your education now so you’ll have a clear path to earning your degree.

There are a lot of reasons why active duty members should earn a Vista College degree during their service.

  1. There are a lot of really great military benefits to help you pay for your education while you’re serving. You should take complete advantage of them! We also offer a lot of great scholarships and other benefits to make your education as easy and affordable as possible.
  2. We’re one of the top Military Friendly®¹ schools in the country. We have expertise working with military benefits, credit transfers and other processes specific to our students who are in active duty.
  3. We employ Military Admissions Representatives who are trained to help meet your unique needs and assist you every step of the way.

Maybe you learned something in the military that you thought was really interesting. Maybe you’ve been dreaming of a certain profession since you were young. Whatever your reason, there’s no time like the present in securing a great career and a promising future for yourself and your family. Vista College can offer you the scholarships and financial aid benefits to start your education, as well as the support and encouragement to help you finish.

At Vista College, we’ve made it our job to know your active duty lifestyle and find ways to help you study around it. We offer a wide array of flexible courses and a variety of convenient learning methods to help serve you while you serve our country.

Education programs offered by Vista College are great fits for active duty military service members, including Reserves and National Guard forces. Vista College has many campuses throughout Texas, Arkansas and New Mexico that are conveniently close to military bases.

The Vista College - Online Campus offers online training which is great when you’re already on active duty. Studying during your time off from active duty is a great way to expand your field of expertise and move your career forward. It is very convenient as much, if not all, of the work involves online learning. This means you can take your education work with you wherever you go, and mostly all you will need is a laptop and the internet.

Among the many military benefit we support:

  • GoArmyEd - for all eligible Active Duty, National Guard and Army Reserve Soldiers to request Tuition Assistance (TA) online, anytime, anywhere for classroom and distance learning.
  • Yellow Ribbon

Vista College has military scholarships available to those that qualify and programs in many different fields. In fact, you will be surprised exactly how many there are. Programs range from healthcare and technology to HVAC and business. There is something for most, depending on what you feel your area of expertise should be, to fit it into your schedule.

Building upon your military career, and guiding it towards the career path you want can soon become a reality after obtaining your Associate’s Degree, Certificate or Diploma with Vista College. Whatever your circumstances, you will find an education is achievable with an education from Vista College.



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